Video is the 2019 Online Star

Video continues to trend on Social Media in 2019.  It grabs attention, and is an easy way for people to consume online content on the go. It is estimated that the average person watches 30 minutes a day and that by 2021 78% of mobile traffic will be ... Read more

PPC VS SEO: What is the best option for your business?

All businesses should realise the importance of search engines as a way to build traffic to their website. Two of the most powerful traffic generators are PPC and SEO. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a method of advertising on search engine results pages, ... Read more

8 Tips for Creating a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing has been an effective and affordable form of marketing for many years. However, a lot of email campaigns are ignored by recipients. So, we’ve put together some tips to ensure that your campaign is reaching the largest audience ... Read more

Thoroughly Modern Marketing

Like fashion, television and cinema, marketing is forced to adapt to the ever-changing tastes of its audience. As a result, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on current and emerging trends. We’ve looked into the current and emerging market to ... Read more

Business tool

3 essential business tools for your company website

At NovaLoca, we recognise that the search for helpful and free business tools on the internet is now a very popular way for companies to learn. We are constantly using the internet to learn and grow our own knowledge of social media and marketing and ... Read more

Top tips for getting your property on the market before 2016 1

Top tips for getting your commercial property on the market before 2016

Thinking of selling your commercial property in 2016? It’s best to get on the market before Christmas. As well as the millions of people searching for a new residential property at Christmas, those thinking of investing in a new business or moving ... Read more

Online shopping

Keeping up with the online shoppers

Present day consumers expect the world at their finger tips. They want products now, they want the experience to be “their way” and they want to be able to get this wherever they are. They are the "online shoppers". If you own a retail business, ... Read more