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Listing commercial property on NovaLoca means much more than just receiving great enquiries. We work hard to offer agents an easy marketing solution that exceeds expectations; tailored exclusively for commercial property. You can list individual properties (with the option to invoice clients directly), or list all your properties with a competitive subscription package.

Individual listings cost just £60(+VAT) for 6 months or £105(+VAT) for a year

Subscriptions are also available and worth considering for as few as 6 properties

Call 01767 313380 today for a quote, email your property brochures to or log-in and start adding properties straight away.

Some areas of the UK are offered a very basic listing*1 on NovaLoca without charge. These areas are those effectively "sponsored" by a council or other body in order to create a comprehensive list of availability. Click here to see which areas of the UK are currently entitled to free listings.

What's included…

  • Comprehensive listings: Unlimited text, attachments, multiple high res images, maps, links*2 & joint agents
  • Great user experience: Updated fully responsive mobile experience
  • Don't miss an enquiry: Local rate tracked phone numbers with forward to email on missed calls
  • Email marketing: New & updated properties emailed to occupiers with matching requirements
  • Measure results: View email & phone enquiries, page views and brochure downloads in your admin area
  • Make it easy: Data feeds accepted (supported schemas only, minimum property numbers apply)
  • Customer service: Ensuring your properties are uploaded the way you want them, our staff are on hand to make sure things run smoothly and stress free
  • Presentation & Analysis: Access to our full search & reporting suite (export to excel, pdf & word for comparisons, presentation to clients & acquisitions work)*3
  • Company promotion: Promoting your agents to ensure maximum coverage in the local agents section of our site (RHS of search results lists)*3
  • Additional marketing to occupiers: Featuring of your properties/company/agents within our targeted agent & regional occupier newsletters, social media interaction & other promotion opportunities*3
  • Exclusively commercial: Our search functions are geared specifically for commercial property, allowing users to really home in on the property they are looking for. An individual listing can be both for sale & to let, a single building/site size can be entered or a range if appropriate

*1 Basic listings do not show company logos, phone numbers, high resolution images, attachments or links. Occupier enquiries about basic properties can therefore only be made by email. This information should however, still be added to NovaLoca as it may well be made available to the council or other body that is "sponsoring" the basic listings. Additionally basic listings do not benefit from data feeds or any additional marketing. Call 01767 313380 for more information or to arrange an upgrade from basic listings.

*2 Links are an optional extra within subscription packages but come as standard within individual listings.

*3 Available as standard with subscriptions, or on request for agents with in excess of 10 available individual listings.

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Direct Mailing

Since January 2001 MJM Marketing has been carrying out direct mailing campaigns, exclusively for the commercial property industry.

We are justly proud of our business database, due to the passion and care that go into research and updating. Each record includes the name, or position, of the senior property buyer, address, size (number of employees) and business classification details.

We also offer fulfilment for companies with an existing database, which is worth considering due to the discount MJM Marketing offers on postage.

Our standard mailing campaigns consist of the following…

  1. Defined mailing criteria
  2. Collection of your details, blank letterhead and letter text
  3. Shortlist of proposed companies
  4. High quality personalised letters
  5. Fully managed mailing process (using Royal Mail)

We are happy to accommodate alternative requirements, including data supplies and database management. Please call us on 01767 313332 or email us with your request.

Our database covers the whole of the UK, offering the same high levels of accuracy and coverage throughout.

Every list is tailored to your exact requirements searching by address, size and business classification details. We also establish the correct contact, specifically requesting "the name and position of the person who would decide if the company were to move or buy additional property". If the property decision maker is based at a different location, that office is registered as a property office and branches are linked to it.

Updaters are given as much information as possible about what is appropriate for each list, where possible being given a copy of the brochure.

We cross-reference our data with sources including company's house & the Internet to ensure the most comprehensive & accurate data possible.

Each record contains an exact description of what the company does. Companies are then classified in accordance with the type of property they are likely to occupy.

You will find our lists comprehensive, accurate and free from duplicates.

To receive a quote for your property mailing needs please call us on 01767 313332, or email us, let us know when you need your quote by and we will do all we can to accommodate.

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Banner advertising is very restricted on our site but we do offer banners at the foot of pages, viewed by thousands of occupiers every day. Choose which pages to place your ad and if choosing property pages, you can specify the types and locations of properties you would like your advert to accompany. It's a great way to give extra promotion to your property or to advertise a complimentary service.

  • Once approved the ads can be delivered against certain property search results, and within property full details pages; targeting geographically & by property type.
  • Our rate card gives a price of £35 per 1,000 impressions. Minimum order £350.
  • There is a Discount for bulk rate. Please confirm your ideal target audience and budget and we will tailor a campaign to suit.
  • Banner dimensions: 728 x 90

Click to email or call 01767 313380

Email Alert Sponsorship

Over 40,000 occupiers have registered requirements via our site. Each time a property is added that matches their criteria an email is sent to them. If you would like your banner to be included at the foot of these emails please contact us for more information (minimum order of £1,000+VAT.)

Click to email or call 01767 313380

Aerial Imagery

Give occupiers a great feel for the location of your property with aerial photography. The great 'birds eye' imagery on Bing Maps is available to purchase in sets of 5 high definition 10MB images. Views from the North, South, East, West and directly above. Licensed for use within brochures and other publicity, for a fraction of the time and cost of doing it yourself.


5 Photos for
  • 5 high definition aerial views for your chosen location (directly above, North, East, South and West)
  • Available for most major towns in the UK
  • Licensed for use on your website, brochures or other publicity
  • Images can be added to your advert on NovaLoca
  • Images are high resolution 72 DPI JPEG files approximately 5-10 MB in size

How to order

To order please email, including the following information:

  1. Postcode of property or accurate location information (if imagery is required for a property registered on our site make sure you pinpoint the exact location of the building using the location option when adding or editing that property)
  2. Property name / address
  3. Email address you would like image delivery details sent to
  4. Invoicing details

If you have any further questions about Birds Eye imagery please contact us.

Click to email or call 01767 313380