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5 Ways to Show Employees They Matter Through the Art of Office Optimisation

Improving office culture and making it a better place to be is an important process for all businesses to take - after all, happy employees means increased productivity and employee engagement.  While this can be done by changing various policies at ... Read more

NovaLoca Advice Roundup 2019

We cover a variety of topics in our blogs throughout the year. Whether it’s looking at the latest tech or what’s hot in marketing we aim to help you and your business. Here's a few of our most useful: We provided a step by step guide to help ... Read more

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A beginner’s guide to costs when buying commercial property

Although many companies choose to rent a commercial property there are advantages to purchasing premises. You will need more money to begin with in the form of a deposit which will be approx. 20-30% of the property value but buying gives you control ... Read more