2017’s Business Rates: Impactful, Imposing, and Impending

The impending business rate revaluations might not have been a shock to many, but the recent hike – estimated to raise £29 billion in total – has been hit with disdain amongst smaller businesses and, in some instances, claims of illegality. Amongst ... Read more


Video Content – the New Era of Property Advertising?

Something you can expect more of on social media this year (besides heated political debate) is more and more companies embracing video content. Snapchat’s new Spectacles, a pair of video-capturing sunglasses, are being rolled out with a typically ... Read more


The Bizarre Hidden Secrets of Microsoft Office

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What Will 2017 Mean for the Commercial Property Market?

2016, possibly the most unpredictable 365 days in recent memory, has seemingly thrown us all into a state of uncertainty. Even now, we’re still awaiting clarity on our government’s plan for Brexit (Will it be hard? Soft? Medium-rare?), and the ... Read more


Understanding Google’s New System – and What it Means for Your Website

Last year, we asked our readers if they were prepared for Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’, an initiative by the search engine giant to rank their search results based on how mobile-friendly websites were. Well, it looks as if the company is set to ... Read more


What will 2017 Mean for Social Media?

  As anyone who once had a MySpace account will tell you, the pace of social media often means moving from one ‘big thing’ to the next. Practically inseparable from the ever-evolving business and technology markets, social media has had to ... Read more


The Strangest Business Ideas that Actually Worked

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