5 Most Popular Locations for Start-Ups Outside of London

Choosing the right location is crucial for a start up’s success and survival. Three out of five high growth small businesses in the UK are located outside of London and the South East of England. This is no doubt down to the expense of being located ... Read more

Why You Should Be Using Google+ to Improve Your SEO

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Is Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’ Technology the Future of Retail?

Last week, Amazon opened their first Amazon Go store in Seattle, which uses ‘Just Walk Out’ Technology. All Amazon Go customers need is the Amazon Go app to enter the store and they can select what they want and leave. No checkout required! Amazon ... Read more

Are You Limiting Your Business by Not Being ‘Digitally Minded’?

In the 'digital age', we expect everything to be at the click of a button. Whether you want to find out the age of the actor in the film you're watching or where to find a local dog walker, the answer is usually found on Google, or you could ask ... Read more

How to Improve your Commercial Property’s Energy Efficiency

As you will have seen from our recent blog post, changes are being made to energy efficiency regulations from April 2018. From this date, all non-domestic properties will have to score a minimum EPC rating of 'E'. So how can properties make their ... Read more

How will Facebook’s Newest Update Affect Your Business?

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Changes to Energy Efficiency Regulations from April 2018

From 1st April 2018, the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES), which was introduced in March 2015, will come into effect for landlords and property owners with commercial property to let in the UK. From this date, all non-domestic properties ... Read more

How to Maintain your Commercial Property

Commercial buildings are a large investment for any business and with owning a commercial property, comes a duty of care to ensure the structure is maintained to a high standard. Poor maintenance of a building can increase the likelihood of it ... Read more

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Overview: Our Agent Advice For 2017

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