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A beginner’s guide to costs when buying commercial property

Although many companies choose to rent a commercial property there are advantages to purchasing premises. You will need more money to begin with in the form of a deposit which will be approx. 20-30% of the property value but buying gives you control ... Read more

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Using Augmented Reality for Commercial Property Marketing

You’ve probably encountered Augmented Reality (AR) without realising it.  Those Snapchat filters that add effects over faces and are regularly posted on social media use this technology. It is reported that there are 2.5 billion Snapchats a day, ... Read more

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Guest Blog by Tom Brialey: Less is More: How Best to Utilise a Small Office Space

Whether you’ve recently turned your entrepreneurial venture into a fledgling startup and moved into a quaint office space, or your current cosy facility has helped you employ and nurture an eager team of employees over the years, the office plays a ... Read more