NovaLoca Blog Keeping you up to date with commercial property news Tue, 08 Jun 2021 08:49:30 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Youtube Channel Trailers – How I created one. Tue, 08 Jun 2021 08:18:07 +0000 Who doesn’t love a good trailer? A sneak peek at what’s to come is usually more than enough to persuade us we want to see more. The same goes for your YouTube channel. A glimpse of the channel’s video offerings could turn a visitor into a subscriber.  It is one of the first things seen on your page. So, I decided it was time for NovaLoca to have one and this is how I did it: I chose a few random channels to watch their trailers for some research. I found the majority of channels had an overview of what they were about, often with someone talking to the camera. As we mainly produce animations at NovaLoca I decided I should use an animated character to do the talking but if you are more likely to appear in person in your films I think you should film yourself which can be done just on a smartphone.  Between 1 and 2 minutes seems like a good length of video to aim for. In other words, keep it short. In that space of time you want to briefly give a quick idea of who you are, what people are going to find on your channel and what they will benefit from their video viewings. If you have a regular schedule for posting you could include this. Finally you want a call to action to sign up to subscribe or visit your website etc. I did find it helpful to put together a short script, which I could also use for when it came time to add subtitles to my video.  We’ve already got videos on our NovaLoca channel so I used clips from these to create a highlight reel. This will help keep a consistent look.  Youtube does have its own video editor but I put together the clips in iMovie which comes free with Apple products, so there is no need to spend on specialist software (although because I did want to overlay my animated character I did move on to Adobe Premiere Pro). Another reason I wanted to use iMovie is that you are licensed by Apple to use the music, jingles, and sound effects included on a royalty free basis for personal or commercial use. Youtube also has its own audio library. The audio is handily displayed with the length of the clip shown in either option which was a great way to time my video to a particular length.  You then upload your video to your channel as usual. Make sure your video title and description match what content you’ve created.  Then go to your channel and hit the ‘Customise Channel’ button where you’ll be able to use the options shown below. Once the trailer is up post yourself a reminder to review it every now and again so you can keep it up to date and relevant.  Now you can head over to our Youtube channel and see our final results!

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Persuasive Content Writing. Tue, 01 Jun 2021 08:05:28 +0000 Read it, you know you want to… We all need to be persuasive in our business writing at some point whether it is putting together a proposal or sending an email request. For content marketing and copywriting persuasion is an essential skill to convince your customers that they should have your product or visit your website.  Which brings us to the first point to consider; you are writing for people first and the requirements of SEO need to come second. So you need to know what it is the people who make up your audience like and dislike before trying some of the techniques listed below.  Persuasive Writing Techniques Consider the tone you use for your customers. Your tone is your company character and is determined by the types of words and phrases you choose and the type of situation you are writing about so informal and chatty for a fun piece or more formal for a serious article. It should reflect how you want to be perceived by your target. Use emotional or power words to create an emotional response and a connection to your readers. There are many internet lists of word suggestions but as an example words such as “exclusive” or “imagine” can speak to a customers wants or words such as “expires” or “last chance” will connect to their fear of missing out and encourage them to take action.  Don’t use jargon. Yes, you might need to include some technical terms but keep to plain and simple language whenever possible. Using repetition is a great way to emphasise a point and to create a sense of rhythm in your writing. It also links one piece of text to another. A famous example is Martin Luther King’s I have a Dream speech. If you speak directly to your reader, using ‘you’ and ‘your’ they will feel that what you are telling them is specifically for them. It’s also more like having a conversation and we’ve been taking a look at the rising content trend of being human in a previous blog. Why not take the opportunity to include a bit of flattery too? – “You’re clever enough to know…” And after telling your audience how great they are it’s time to show how good you are by using reviews, case studies and testimonials. This will help to establish trust and develop your credibility.  By incorporating these techniques into your content writing you will be well on your way to persuading your customers that they need to be doing business with you and your company. 

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NovaLoca and Social Media 2021 Tue, 25 May 2021 08:56:55 +0000 NovaLoca has always understood the importance of social media to promote our clients and their property listings.  Take a look at our video to see all the ways we provide extensive and consistent social media coverage for the best possible customer service. If you would like to list with us contact for more information, user support or just a chat about NovaLoca

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UI/UX Trends 2021 Tue, 18 May 2021 08:11:02 +0000 We take a look at what’s been trending in UI and UX design as we head towards the halfway point of the year 2021.  But first, what exactly are UI and UX? UI or User Interface Design takes a look at what a user is going to do on a website and designs features and elements, such as buttons, search fields etc to make their navigation easy to do.  UX or User Experience takes a look at the entire customer experience with a company or brand. Again the focus is about customers being able to reach their goals with as much ease as possible and so the two terms are often used interchangeably.  Trends 2021  Making it seem human. After living through pandemic lockdowns and isolation people are now seeking a more human touch. So hand-drawn, not perfect  images give personality to web design. Including images of people interacting will also be a way to attract views.  Together with humanizing, personalization is becoming an important trend. If you are a Youtube or Spotify user you will be used to being offered viewing or listening suggestions tailored for you. Website interfaces can now change elements and appearance according to the user.  In order to offer a personal service to as many people as possible the website needs to be accessible to as many users as possible so those with impairments are now being considered in design elements which can include adding alt.tag text for those visually impaired or making sure a clickable area is larger enough for those with mobility issues to use it easily.  Animation continues to help brands tell their stories as it is seen as an effective communication for complex ideas. It is becoming more widely used in such things as micro-interactions  e g interactive error pages. It’s also being seen in more and more creative website navigation with such things as both horizontal and vertical slideshows, scroll colour changes and other animations triggered by the scrolling.   3D continues to be a popular design choice, especially because of  the rise of VR and AR. AR and VR both saw a lot of development because of Covid. They became necessary in some sectors, for example in the property sector for virtual tours etc. Having just written so much about interaction and a human touch we are also seeing more methods of interacting with devices that don’t need us to actually touch them. Again this has been triggered by the pandemic and they include VUI (voice user interfaces) and air gesture controls which allows you to wave your hand over a device to control it. This method had already begun appearing on some smart phones although its usefulness is being queried. NovaLoca can create a fully mobile responsive agency website for you with superb property search and display and include a content management system. If you would like more information visit the ZipBox website, call us on 01767 313380 or email

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Last Mile Logistic Locations Tue, 11 May 2021 08:18:59 +0000 Last mile logistics refers to the last leg of a delivery journey which takes place from the distribution center to a customer’s doorstep. It is a phrase that has become increasingly common because it is linked with the rise of e-commerce and customer expectations of next day delivery.  Therefore choosing the most efficient location, close to the journey’s end, has become a major consideration for companies. Factors that determine a good location are: affordability, accessibility and available workforce. The location also needs to be close to a transportation infrastructure which can be challenging in more rural areas. Rural locations have also come to the forefront as the pandemic has seen a lot of people relocating to the countryside as they work more from home. In these areas, delivery points can be several miles apart. Route optimization is crucial.   Although location is considered more important than building type, an ideal style of distribution building is one that has enough docks for all required vans and lorries to load up.   It remains to be seen whether technology will have an impact on last mile logistics locations. Sustainability is also becoming a more important consideration for customers with many firms looking to use electric vehicles although these do not have much range in rural areas. So this may be another factor in choosing a location.  We have many ways to search NovaLoca to find an ideal base for logistic use. You can enter the town or postcode in the search box on our main page and refine the search for a specific property type.  Once you reach the results page you can refine your search further by square feet or square meters and keywords. Keywords are useful if you are searching, for example, a  specific business estate in a location.  We do also have the option to search by our business park directory, or region or even by company or agent name affording you many opportunities to choose the most efficient location for your business.   

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Getting Video Right on Instagram Wed, 05 May 2021 07:55:18 +0000 This blog post was born out of my own experience on posting videos to Instagram and having a few questions about how they were being displayed in the timeline. Instagram is a newer platform for us at NovaLoca which we are keen to make the most of as we know more people than ever are using mobile for property searches and advice. So, I thought I’d share the tips I discovered. First of all I realised that working from a desktop for a lot of posts was not always going to work. As stated above of all the platforms we use it is the most mobile platform and I really need to be making use of the video tools available in the Instagram app.  The top job I discovered that can only be done via mobile was ensuring I was displaying the right thumbnail for my video posts. The first 2 seconds of video are the most important and I wanted to alter mine to have more of a visual impact. Although you can not go back and edit existing posts you can set a particular image when you upload your video. So, upload the video, click the next button and from the bottom of the screen choose ‘Cover’. From the row of images at the bottom of the screen select the one you want to be the thumbnail.  There are 3 types of videos for Instagram: Main timeline posts. The size for these is 600 x 600 pixels. Which is not a standard size and not one used on other platforms. I have found my best approach is to set up templates in Adobe After Effects for the various video sizes referred to below and then scale video accordingly. Of course it’s more straightforward if you are producing the video on the phone straight to upload. Stories. These videos are in a vertical format at 1080 x1920, aspect 9:16. They disappear after 24 hours. Instagram considers them good for behind the scenes videos, as they are usually a bit more raw and fun. They are also good for teasing an upcoming post. Reels are also portrait 9 x16 mode and can be between 3 to 30 sec. They are mobile created only and allow more editing than stories. You can tag people in a photo or video by typing @ followed by their username. It is possible to link through to a Youtube channel if your video is longer than 60 seconds and can’t be uploaded. However you only get the option to a link with over 10,000 followers. What you can do however is create a story post advertising the fact you have a new youtube post up  To help you keep track of how your video posts are performing there is a Professional Dashboard for business accounts found underneath your profile name on your homepage when viewed on mobile. It shows you your audience demographics, when they’re online and what they’re clicking on. It also offers you some... Read more

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A Positive Future for East Midland High Streets and a Strong Industrial Sector Tue, 27 Apr 2021 07:23:41 +0000 Harry Ward of Wards Commercial recently spoke to NovaLoca about how the East Midlands commercial property market looks to be strong in 2021. “The market in Hinckley, south west Leicestershire and north Warwickshire has remained resolute throughout the coronavirus pandemic, with strong levels of occupier demand in all sectors to include industrial, office and retail. 2020 was a fantastic year in the local market, despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and 2021 is set to be even stronger. In particular, the industrial sector is performing exceptionally well and in 2020 we achieved record rents and capital values for industrial accommodation in the area and hope to exceed the same in 2021. Throughout the pandemic we have seen strong levels of occupier demand across the board albeit following the reopening of non-essential retail from Monday 12 April, we have evidenced a spike in demand for retail premises, which is highly positive and indicates that businesses remain confident in the performance of the High Street, despite the gloomy rhetoric regarding the same in the national press. Moving forwards, in regional towns such as Hinckley, it is likely that any gaps in the High Street as a result of the loss of national chains are likely to be filled by independent retailers. In our opinion this could be positive for many High Streets as it will provide a wider variety of different retailers which should encourage higher visitor numbers and footfall in many towns. In November 2020 we leased Unit R Radius Court on Tungsten Park, Hinckley at £7.50 per sq ft which reflects a new record for industrial accommodation at this prime industrial estate in Hinckley.”  

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New Property Practice Launches in East Midlands M1 Agency Office Mon, 26 Apr 2021 10:10:08 +0000 Multi award-winning commercial property practice M1 Agency is expanding into the East Midlands and North.    Nottingham commercial property agents Matthew Smith and James Keeton are heading the team at the new M1 Agency office, at what is a very exciting time for the business, with a pipeline of schemes that will deliver over 4,000,000 sq ft of space in to the East Midlands markets and in the North. Matthew and James have both left JLL to launch M1 Agency East Midlands office. M1 Agency already having offices in London and Birmingham and offers specialist agency advice across the UK and Europe. The agency’s new East Midlands office, based in Nottingham city centre, will operate across a range of commercial sectors with key instructions within industrial and logistics, including HBD’s 39-acre Nottingham, New Horizon scheme and Verdant Regeneration’s 200-acre New Stanton site at J.25, M1, as well as advising on major office schemes including CEG’s 180,000 sq ft East West offices and CSB’s No1 Great Central Square development in Leicester with further schemes to be announced in due course.  M1 in Nottingham will also support student and strategic development alongside unrivalled development funding and investment expertise. The new office is being launched at a hugely buoyant time for the industrial and logistics sector.  According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) there continues to be a massive growth in ecommerce, which in turn is building a surge in demand for warehouse and logistics space.  It has been widely reported that this could drive demand for an additional 92 million sq ft of industrial storage space across the UK by 2024.  With its transport infrastructure there is growing demand for warehouse and industrial space across the wider East Midlands Matthew has left his role as Head of the JLL Nottingham office and was behind many of the region’s key deals including Nottingham’s HMRC Unity Square acquisition, and Imperial Tobacco site sale, while James as a Director in its Agency team worked on major schemes and developments such as Markham Vale, J.29a M1, Bildurn’s 11 Station Street, Nottingham, No1 Great Central, Leicester and the sale of Nottingham’s Chapel Quarter. Matthew said: “We’re thrilled to be joining M1 at such a pivotal time for the business, launching a new office to enhance and expand the strength of advice the agency is known for.” He continues. “This is a really exciting new venture for James and I. M1 Agency is a recognised agency and consultancy practice, with an excellent client base. They bring together a powerful brand and team that we are delighted to now be part of.” James added: “With a focus on leasing, development funding and investment agency, M1 Agency are a highly successful and agile business that deliver both the platform and expertise to grow, combining our respective clients bases to create a new and successful East Midlands office. Having worked together for over 15 years, Matt and I are now raring to go on this next career chapter and already actively looking to expand the team.” Richard Moffitt, Partner at M1 Agency, added: ‘We have been looking to expand the operational coverage and expertise within the East Midlands and further North following a period of highly successful growth. Matthew and James are two of the highest profile agents with a proven track record within that market place. With the opening of a new office now it will give us the ideal platform to strengthen our position and drive forward our continued growth within these markets.” M1 Agency East... Read more

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SEGRO Logistics Park East Midlands Gateway. Mon, 26 Apr 2021 08:42:16 +0000 SEGRO are to begin their first speculative development at SEGRO Logistics Park East Midlands Gateway. The park is a 700-acre development with planning consent for up to 6,000,000 sq ft of logistics accommodation that is adjacent to East Midlands Airport with direct links to Felixstowe and Southampton via an on-site rail freight terminal as well as having easy access to the motorway network. The new unit is expected to be ready for occupation in October 2021 and will see the creation of over 220,000 sq ft of net carbon zero modern warehouse space rated BREEAM ‘Excellent’. The unit comes with office space, a transport hub office and a gatehouse. Sustainable features include: roof mounted photovoltaic panels that generate electrical power, LED lighting and upgraded cladding which will improve air-tightness for temperature controlled operations and 15 electric vehicle charging points. This means the unit is in line with SEGRO’s sustainability goals of reducing its carbon footprint by 40%, reducing embodied carbon by 20% and sending no waste to landfill by 2025.  You can read more by visiting the website here.

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2021 is the year of the Warehouse. Mon, 26 Apr 2021 08:28:23 +0000 Sam Sutton, Director at Phillips Sutton recently chatted to NovaLoca about the East Midlands industrial market. “2021 is the year of the warehouse. The warehouse market has been quietly simmering away unnoticed for quite some time, but this year is the year that warehouses became the most attractive commercial property commodity. Move aside offices and retail, warehousing is here to stay. As retail moves online and we all order from the myriad of online retailers, occupiers fulfilling the deliveries need space, and not all distributers can supply from 1,000,000 sq ft warehouses like Amazon. The supply of existing industrial units is extremely tight if not non existent, and we are seeing a significant rise in speculative development, off the back of much needed rental growth. We are involved in a number of new build schemes in the East Midlands, in Lutterworth, Oakham, Kibworth and Colwick, East Nottingham. These schemes are seeing unprecedented demand from investors, trade operators and local businesses who are all expanding as a result of the CV19. Investors are seeking vacant units and taking on letting risk in order to find some ‘value’ in an investment market where yields below 5% is now the norm. As a result of the popularity of the warehouse sector as a best in class investment, developers are paying keener prices for land in order to take advantage of current market conditions. Long live the warehouse market for the foreseeable future.”

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