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What is Nostalgia Marketing?

We’ve all experienced that moment where a few notes of a song transport us back to a school disco or a waft of food reminds us of a family get together. How many of us have scrolled through old memories that Facebook or Google Photos brings up for us? These pleasant flashbacks in time give us good feelings.  That’s nostalgia. It’s very powerful. So it makes sense to use it in marketing.

We’ve previously looked at how to emotionally engage an audience in this blog and this is exactly what nostalgia does. It uses the past to capture the present audience.

Most nostalgia is about personal events and social interactions because they involve those we are close too.  So in your marketing campaign you could hold a themed event or create lists such as:  “Funky design trends of the 1980’s” but it doesn’t have to be that in your face.  It can be the subtle use of a font or colour theme or a reference to an historical event in your content creation.

Speaking of social interactions, Pinterest has released its predicted trends for 2020 and one of these is 90’s cartoons as millennials reach an age where they start looking back. This is generation Nostalgia and there is much speculation that Millennials are the most nostalgic generation because of social media feeding and sharing memories.

As I repurpose an old NovaLoca blog post by creating an animation advert I decided to try and capture the look of the 90’s cartoon series The Simpsons in the hope that it will take viewers back in time, and capture their attention.

cartoon image of countryside

I’ve got as close I could with the font style including the rotation of individual letters. I’ve matched the sky and grass colour scheme and added a black line around the elements so it looks cartoon like and yes I’ve shamelessly used the same opening shot of clouds parting. If I’ve been successful and my audience feels or cares about what they’ve seen they’re much more likely to act and go on to visit our blog.

Have a look at the final video result here. Meanwhile I’ll be working on my mixtape…


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