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Tips for creating Call to Action buttons

A call to action button is a tactically placed message on a website or mobile app that guides a user to take an action you want them to take. The better the button, the better the conversion rate.

Here are 5 tips to help convert those clicks.

Placement –The button needs to be placed where it will have the most influence on the user’s decisions. You want to ensure that by the time the user gets to the button they are ready to act. So if the button is making a simple offer place it nearer the top of a page. If the offer requires more time to read and digest placement at the bottom is better.

Colour-As we have explored in a previous blog post colour can influence a user’s behaviour. Research suggests green and orange buttons often work best as they create a sense of urgency. To make the button stand out even more surround it with contrasting colours.

Text – should be simple and direct. Make it relevant to your audience.  An ideal word length is 2 to 5 words. It should include an action-oriented verb specific to what the button is offering: – get, try, take, download, or call. First person speech works well, e.g:  “Get my special offer.”  You can add a sense of urgency and a fear of missing out on a deal by just adding the word now to a phrase -“Call now!” Exclamation points add enthusiasm and excitement.

Shape–The button should have a well-defined shape. It’s usually square or rounded. In other words it’s clear to the audience that is a button.  If it’s not familiar and obvious looking they might not know what action is expected.

Tailor campaigns for different devices. Mobile users and desktop users have been shown to have different behaviours. Mobile users are looking for fast and instant results. Desktop users are often doing more research. -“Find out more” is an example of wording that may work for them.

In the end testing is the only way to determine what actually works best so be prepared to make changes.

Are there any call to action buttons you have found work better than others? Let us know!

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