Could Co-Working and Shared Office Spaces Increase Your Productivity?

Many small businesses are seeking co-working office spaces to enable them to access all the benefits of a conventional office without the cost. It is estimated that by 2020, there will be 26,000 co-working office spaces worldwide, in comparison to ... Read more

7 Ways to Improve Sustainability in the Workplace

  Printing The average worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year, and 6,800 of them sheets are considered waste. Before you print something, think whether you really need a hard copy. Not only will printing less save your business on ... Read more

Happy workplace

3 top tips for a happy workplace

In 2016 every business owner and office manager should know about the positive effects of running a happy and healthy workplace environment. It is essential for your staff to be comfortable, happy, energised and generally healthy in the working ... Read more

Retail leisure development

Are mixed-use retail and leisure schemes becoming the norm in the UK?

Many UK towns and cities are currently planning huge retail and leisure schemes. Developers are now creating complex retail led mixed-use schemes and ignoring shopping-only developments. Retail alone seems to no longer be enough for the public and ... Read more

Top names in commercial property

If you are in commercial property you are most likely male, age 45 and called David…

If you are in commercial property you are most likely male, age 45 and called David... If you are a female in commercial agency you are most likely age 38, called Sarah and surrounded by 5 men. Following our recent newsletter, distributed on 15th ... Read more

4 ways to beat the post holiday office blues

The British summer of 2015 has been rather hit and miss, but still provided a number of days with high temperatures and sunny skies. Now that the kids are going back to school, the rain has begun and it appears that Autumn has crept in. We know ... Read more