Happy workplace

3 top tips for a happy workplace

In 2016 every business owner and office manager should know about the positive effects of running a happy and healthy workplace environment. It is essential for your staff to be comfortable, happy, energised and generally healthy in the working environment.

A common health issue in offices is the use of a computer and desk. Many people find that they suffer from back ache or eye problems from sitting incorrectly and from looking at a screen for too long. Others find that they gain weight from not being active during the day as they are sitting for prolonged periods of time.

We have put together a list of our top tips to keep your employees happy and healthy in the office:


Walking in a happy workplace

During a normal 9-5 day, many people who use a desk as their workspace will probably only really get away from their desk to either use facilities or prepare their lunch. This means that for 8.5 hours a day, your employee is mainly sat down and looking at a screen. Research has found that lack of movement can lead to issues such as heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Encourage your employees to move around more during the day. Some offices start up lunchtime running or cycling clubs. For those that enjoy less full on activities, why not suggest a walking club or a walk to the nearest shop to grab some lunch.


Office hours in a happy workplace

The average full-time worker in the UK works 35 hours a week. There are many employees who put in a lot more time than this; however working too many hours can cause lower productivity per hour.

In the news recently, we have heard of numerous organisations in Sweden experimenting with a six-hour working day. Toyota implemented this over a decade ago and have reported happier staff and also a lower turnover of staff.


Office diet in a happy workplace

Every person is different when it comes to their eating habits. Some of your employees may eat junk food all day whilst others stick to healthier options. Either way, it is best to ensure that employees have the ability to make breakfast and lunch in their working environment.

The number of overweight women and men in the UK is growing and studies have shown that some of this is down to people grabbing food on the go. By ensuring that employees have the facilities to make themselves a healthy breakfast and lunch will help with overall health, concentration and any tiredness.

Some companies provide daily fruit bowls for their employees!

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