The Workplace Experience: 4 Factors Improving Productivity and Enabling Growth

A recent study from Deloitte found that 79% of executives rated workplace experience as a critical issue to improve productivity and enable growth. The workplace experience comprises of four key areas: health and wellness, collaboration and connectivity, courageous cultures and diversity and inclusion.

Health and Wellness

37% of all work-related sickness is due to stress, anxiety and depression, costing UK employers an estimated £3.7billion a year in absenteeism. By putting practises in place to look after employees’ health and wellbeing, you will not only save your business the cost of lost days but employees will feel valued and are likely to feel happier in their role.

Collaboration and Connectivity

Many studies have found that collaboration is a key factor in a company’s success. Technology advances has made collaboration easier in recent years, with tools such as instant messaging and file sharing. Deloitte stated that “the digital workplace breaks down communication barriers, positioning you to transform the employee experience by fostering efficiency, innovation and growth”.

Courageous Cultures

A Culture of Courage is one where people feel secure enough to exit their comfort zone and take risks. People are actively encouraged to challenge status quo thinking, provide candid upward feedback, experiment and push boundaries.

Diversity and inclusion

While UK legislation sets minimum standards for age, disability, race, religion, gender and sexual orientation, an effective diversity and inclusion strategy goes beyond legal compliance and seeks to add value to an organisation, contributing to employee well-being and engagement.