Moving office

Top tips for moving office in London

A guest blog from Safe Removals For many business owners, moving office is as important as moving home. Whatever your type of office, it is best to be well prepared for the day of the move because even the smallest mistake can take up a lot of ... Read more

The benefits of moving from home office to commercial premises

There are many advantages of running a business from home. Overheads can be kept at a minimum and there’s no travelling to and from a workplace. However there will come a time when every home business has to think about moving to a real office or ... Read more

5 ways to inspire creativity in the workplace

There is nothing worse than finding your staff stuck for ideas in the workplace. So if the ideas sheet is coming back blank and that spark of ingenuity is amiss, here are some simple solutions to getting those ideas flowing again. Embrace new ... Read more

5 ways to ensure a successful office move

Last week we considered the reasons why a business may need to move office. If the signs are all there and you are ready to move, here are five ways that you can make your office move a success. Plan, plan plan! A solid plan is the key to any ... Read more

Five signs now is the right time to move office

There may come a time for every business owner when they have to consider moving office. Although potentially costly and stressful, an office move can provide many benefits for businesses. Here are five signs that it may be time to consider that all ... Read more

Top tips on how to plan your office move

An office move is a major step in any business large or small. It could be costly and will have a big impact on you and your staff. So how can you move office in the most cost effective way possible, whilst minimising the disruption to your ... Read more