5 ways to inspire creativity in the workplace

There is nothing worse than finding your staff stuck for ideas in the workplace. So if the ideas sheet is coming back blank and that spark of ingenuity is amiss, here are some simple solutions to getting those ideas flowing again.

Embrace new technology

So much of our working lives revolve around devices and social media that it is vital to keep on top of any new features that can benefit business. If a member of staff believes they have found a useful new app, social media platform or feature that can be of use, hear them out and explore its potential.

Maximise your space

Consider the look and feel of your workspace and ask yourself if it encourages forward thinking. If you see clutter, dull colours and overcrowding, your working environment is probably hindering creativity. Add some colour, let the light in and open your space up and it could unlock innovation in your staff.

Encourage collaboration

Creating a space where your staff can meet and brainstorm can breed fresh and exciting concepts. When you are stuck for ideas, there is no better solution than to bounce thoughts around with others. Ensure this room or space lends a creative feel, to maximise its potential for great ideas.

Celebrate achievement

More often than not, one fresh idea leads to another. Praising your staff for coming up with something new will motivate them to do so again, as well as encouraging others to express their thinking. Find a creative way to recognise this achievement, perhaps allowing them a choice of song to play in the workplace.

Do away with formalities

If it is creativity that you are trying to promote, think about if your workplace atmosphere represents this. Try mixing up the norm by giving staff freedom over what to wear and flexible break times. This can help staff feel more comfortable and motivate innovative thinking.

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