The benefits of moving from home office to commercial premises

There are many advantages of running a business from home. Overheads can be kept at a minimum and there’s no travelling to and from a workplace. However there will come a time when every home business has to think about moving to a real office or commercial property. Here are some of the advantages of swapping a home office for rofessional business premises.

Growth – Expanding businesses regularly need more supplies, more equipment and more employees. All of these things require more space and if it’s getting a little cramped in the home office, it could be time to move on. Moving to an office can give your business space to grow and the facilities to accommodate that growth.

Professionalism – Home offices aren’t always ideal for meeting with clients and suppliers. Having your own commercial premises can exude a professional feel and may also allow you to hold meetings and interviews in specialised rooms.

Productivity – Working from home can be full of distractions and interruptions that would be better off avoided. Being in a professional environment can boost productivity and make businesses more money in the long-run. This means less family distractions and more hard work.

Creativity – Having your own office is not the only solution when moving a home business. Co-working and hot-desking are great options for small businesses as they allow you to work alongside similar businesses and likeminded professionals. Not only can this create business opportunities, but can also inspire creative thinking and keep motivation high.

Ambition – Moving to a real office is the next step on the ladder after working from home. If you have high hopes of growing your business, having your own office could allow you to employ more staff, improve your facilities and grow at the speed you want. Who knows, it might not be long before you’re looking for an even larger office space.

And the negatives…

Of course it’s not all roses when leaving a home office. You have to account for paying rent, utilities and maintenance costs, as well as furnishings, servers and remote access. There’s also the longer commute to consider. Some businesses may not have any choice but to expand into a real office, but for others a home business may suit just fine.

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