5 ways to ensure a successful office move

Last week we considered the reasons why a business may need to move office. If the signs are all there and you are ready to move, here are five ways that you can make your office move a success.

Plan, plan plan!

A solid plan is the key to any move, whether it be home or office. Initially you will need to carefully outline the requirements for your new premises, before selecting a new home for your business. Once a decision has been reached, you will need to think about getting everything in place, months in advance, catering for every eventuality. Consider your budget, who you will need to contact, all the legal proceedings and when you will be ready to move. A thought out plan could the difference between a successful move or a nightmare experience.

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Build your A Team

In business, it’s important to have a team of people around you who you can trust, but with a move it’s absolutely vital. Build your team based on who will make the best decisions, keep everything in order and their experience for the situation. It is equally important to choose the right external partners to assist your move. You need suppliers and removal companies who are trustworthy and professional. Choosing the right individuals to handle your move is essential in ensuring that your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Out with the old and in with the new

The change of scenery is a fantastic chance to have a clear out of your old work space. It is a chance to remove any surplus equipment and replace it in time for your move. If you are planning to bring in any new equipment, furniture or office supplies, then make sure you have the space and facilities at your new office to accommodate them. Don’t waste your new office space by replicating your old premises, make it feel new and fresh to invigorate employees and give your business momentum.

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An office move can be stressful for everyone involved. Avoid unsettling employees by keeping them updated throughout the process, especially in and around moving day. Let them know the layout of the new space, where their department will be situated and what their duties are on the day of the move. It’s also important to keep other involved parties informed, such as suppliers and landlords, so that everything goes to plan. The change of scenery should be exciting for everyone, so don’t ruin the opportunity by keeping them in the dark.


Once you are all moved in and the stress over, take time to celebrate the start of a new era for your business!

Recently moved office? Let us know how it went and if there are any tips you would give to anyone about to move office.

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