Which agents and property types feature most across Scotland?

We thought it would be interesting to look at which agents and property types feature most in the regions across Scotland! How did we do it? We looked at all commercial property listings available on NovaLoca on the 30th September 2016. We broke ... Read more


“Keep running, keep jumping”: David Griffin of Griffin Webster recalls the past 40 years in the commercial property market

As anyone who knows me will confirm, I’m not one to moan and therefore it astounded me when I found out that only recently I have become known in the profession as “Victor Meldrew”. I am an awful lot closer to ending my career in the commercial ... Read more

“2017 will be our 70th year in business of which we are all very proud” – NovaLoca interview Scott Cameron of Whyte & Barrie

Continuing with our coverage of the latest revitalisation projects happening in Scottish towns, we have spoken to Scott Cameron of Whyte & Barrie based in Hamilton, Lanarkshire to see what challenges and triumphs they have seen this year; ... Read more


Invest in Stirling

Clustered around a large fortress and medieval old town in the heart of Scotland, Stirling offers an exceptional quality of life and delivers global connectivity at a highly competitive cost. The city has direct access to international markets and ... Read more

“This is a very exciting time for business and I am particularly enthusiastic about the opportunities ahead!” – NovaLoca interview Doug Smart of Smart & Co

Over the past year, NovaLoca have been looking closely into the revitalisation of Scottish town centres through “The Town Centre Action Plan” launched by the Scottish Government. Now we want to see what life has been like for the commercial agents ... Read more


A guide to commercial property use classes in the UK

If you’re involved in commercial property in any way, it’s worth understanding the different classifications of a property. Have you seen an office with a use class of B1 or a light industrial unit with a use class of B8 and not really understood ... Read more

Plymouth marina

Major projects supporting businesses in Plymouth

When considering the UK’s thriving areas for business and commercial property, it is usually mega cities of London and Birmingham that come to mind. However, with plenty of investment opportunities on the south coast, Britain’s Ocean City, Plymouth, ... Read more