How to increase leads from your property listings

Thousands of available commercial properties in the UK means thousands of online listings! So what can you do to increase your chance of leads and stand out from the rest?

Optimise your listings for SEO

NovaLoca have over 15,000 live property listings currently on the website, some of which may not have been optimised originally for search engines. The better use of SEO in your listings, the higher up you’ll be when somebody makes a relevant search online!

Many visitors to our site arrive directly on the property listing, rather than via our homepage, because they’ve searched using the relevant keywords on a search engine. For example, an occupier may search for “shop to rent in Leeds”. Though there aren’t many words in the search, this is actually keyword rich. The keywords are “shop”, “rent” and “Leeds”.

Other examples of keywords include “commercial property to let”, “office space to rent” and “available commercial property”.  Make sure you include the best keywords for your listing in the body of the text, the title and in any subheadings. You can also include them in your meta description (the meta title appears in search engine results) and in any image file names. This should look natural so don’t just overcrowd the listing with keywords; use them when relevant.

Use high quality images

Everybody prefers a high quality, aesthetically pleasing image to a blurry or grainy shot of a building. Using high quality images in your listings means that occupiers will be more likely to click through to it if using a search on NovaLoca. They will be able to see more of the property and imagine how their business can fit into the space. The more images you use, the better too!

Text and accuracy

If an occupier comes across a listing with no information or a listing full of errors, they’re much less likely to turn into a lead. It is vital to keep information up-to-date and correct. For example, if you’re listing is under offer and then suddenly not, ensure that you remove this information for your listing. Leaving the property as under offer will lose you the leads you could have had.

The text content of a good commercial property listing should be clear and concise and provide an occupier with as much information as possible. Include the location and commuting information for the property along with all its great benefits.

If you would like any further help with your commercial property listings on NovaLoca, please contact us!

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