“2017 will be our 70th year in business of which we are all very proud” – NovaLoca interview Scott Cameron of Whyte & Barrie

Continuing with our coverage of the latest revitalisation projects happening in Scottish towns, we have spoken to Scott Cameron of Whyte & Barrie based in Hamilton, Lanarkshire to see what challenges and triumphs they have seen this year; ... Read more


Invest in Stirling

Clustered around a large fortress and medieval old town in the heart of Scotland, Stirling offers an exceptional quality of life and delivers global connectivity at a highly competitive cost. The city has direct access to international markets and ... Read more

Paisley town centre

The continual revitalisation of Scottish town centres

Over the past year, NovaLoca have been looking closely into the revitalisation of Scottish town centres. In November 2013, the Scottish Government launched “The Town Centre Action Plan”. A national review of town centres, which includes ideas ... Read more

The revitalisation of Scottish town centres: Is your town involved?

The Scottish Government launched “The Town Centre Action Plan” in November 2013. The plan was launched in response to recommendations from a national review of town centres and included ideas designed to support town centre revitalisation and plans ... Read more