NovaLoca Top Interviews 2021

I think its fair to say it’s been one of the best ever years for fantastic interviews and news in NovaLoca’s monthly newsletters. Take some time out to enjoy a round up of some highlights. By clicking on the logos you can read the full interviews. 

We began the year in Scotland where Aasia Mohammad, Director at Lambert Smith Hampton (Scotland) chatted to NovaLoca about regional office take up, Grade A supply and the new office of the future.

In April we spent some time in the East Midlands and with Harry Ward of Wards Commercial who spoke to NovaLoca about how the East Midlands commercial property market looked for 2021 with strong levels of occupier demand

And Sam Sutton, Director at Phillips Sutton reported on the industrial market and how 2021 was the “year of the warehouse”. 

In September we headed down to the South East coast and heard from Richard Stafford of Stafford Perkins  reporting on office space demand in the South East market with strong demandright across the spectrum of office size from 500 sq.ft. upwards

Stafford Perkins Logo

And Max Pollock Director of Eightfold Property spoke about their inception in December 2019 and how it’s been a bit of a roller-coaster but that Brighton & Sussex has prospered

Finally, November saw us in Scotland once more where Mike Brown, Associate Director in the Advisory and Transactions services team at CBRE, spoke about how the Scottish Commercial Property market is looking for 2022 with E-commerce being a key driver and strong rental growth