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Using Neuromarketing for Web Design

Neuromarketing is the study of consumer behaviour and how brains respond to certain marketing and design elements. These studies have led to some discoveries that people are more influenced by emotion when deciding on brand purchases than rational decisions. Therefore neuromarketing becomes a powerful tool for understanding what influences your customers in their decision making. It is often used to aid website design and what should go into social media posts. 

Social Proof.

One of the most common forms of neuromarketing is Social Proof. This is the idea that people will choose to do what they see others doing; that if a lot of people are doing something it must be correct. Research shows we like to look to others for clues as to how to make decisions. 

What form can social proof take on your web pages? It is all your client testimonials, positive reviews and likes and comments on social media. Have them in a prominent position on your website to show visitors what they will gain if they have your services or product.

What other website design ideas can be taken from neuromarketing to help convert visitors into leads?

Use lots of positive words because that will encourage positive emotions that will become linked to your brand.  

What colour you use is important. We’ve taken a look at this in our previous blog here.

Users don’t want an interrupted experience as they navigate around your website. They prefer things to be easy to understand so use a layout that is what a user has come to expect from similar sites, and keep it simple. We can not deal with information overload. Just display the most important information. 

Try and have a CTA (call-to-action) on each web page. This will encourage users to take instantaneous actions. Ensure these buttons are in a prominent position. Neuromarketing uses eye-tracking hardware to ascertain where people’s eye gaze travels to and it will focus on the stand out visual of a page. 

Most of all ensure what you are saying is accurate and lives up to what you are promising or you will not gain your customers’ trust. 

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