Top Performing Agents of 2016

This year, we looked at our top performing companies to determine just why they perform as well as they do. We investigated all those that listed more than 5 properties, and the average number of enquiries each property received over the last 6 ... Read more

Top tips for getting your property on the market before 2016 1

Top tips for getting your commercial property on the market before 2016

Thinking of selling your commercial property in 2016? It’s best to get on the market before Christmas. As well as the millions of people searching for a new residential property at Christmas, those thinking of investing in a new business or moving ... Read more

Retail-led mixed use

5 retail led mixed-use developments to look out for in 2016

Mixed-use developments are becoming key for the development of urban economies in the UK. These developments create more employment opportunities, raise property values and introduce the local population to a vibrant and diverse “entertainment area”. ... Read more