pile of books with a cup on top

Let’s Repurpose a Blog Post

pile of books with a cup on top

I’ve been aiming to do more repurposing of the many great blog posts NovaLova has produced, especially as we continue to expand our social media channels and because the common advice seems to be to spend about 20% of your time making content and the rest promoting it. There are many articles available on the internet listing great ways to repurpose content. So I thought I would give some of them a try and walk you through what I do.

I’ve chosen to repurpose a post that has 5 Great Writing Exercises for Content Creators. This is an article that is termed as ‘Evergreen Content’ because the information within it retains its relevance and is not time sensitive. Articles containing tips and how-to content are ideal for repurposing. Its a good idea to maintain a list of all your evergreen content so you always have something ready to go. Work that is not a good idea to reuse includes: news articles, statistics that can go out of date and content that is about a current trend.

As there are 5 tips contained in my chosen blog piece I already have a neat way of dividing it up into smaller pieces of content, which makes it perfect to share the key takeaways from it on social media.

Task 1 : Create some Social Media Quote Graphics.

I found this task was achieved very quickly. Why hadn’t I done this before!? Using a template from Adobe Express I made each tip into a separate image and I already have 5 days of social media posts. Creating a series of posts is a great way to keep your audience engaged and looking forward to the next one.

Social media post example of a quote post

Task 2: Create a Instagram/TikTok video

What’s great about creating videos for Instagram and TikTok (and Youtube shorts) is that you only need a short clip and you don’t need fancy equipment. It can all be done on a smart phone in-app.

I took one of the tips regarding the creation of lists and while still at my desk created a short video of myself writing a header for a new list. Text and commercial use of music were added in the TikTok app. I was then able to use this same video on Instagram, Instagram have a new feature for their reels which gives access to an “Add Yours” sticker, which meant I could add an original feature with very little extra work.

List writing in a notebook

Task 3. Pinterest Post.

Pinterest is a visual social media platform where many people go to find inspiration for projects, so a pin on writing tips will fit here nicely. In fact I just can pull a screenshot from my recently created video above to create my pin.

Overall, I’ve been very impressed by how much I managed to get from just one blog post and that it took less time than I imagined. It’s certainly something I shall be doing more of.

Finally, here are a few general tips to consider:

Have a look at what content has performed well in the past to see how you can reuse and repost it.

Remember that users love short form video content.