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5 Great Writing Exercises for Content Creators

Non fiction writing requires a high level of creativity. When working on content creation not only are you aiming to present accurate information you also need to make it interesting and make an emotional connection with your audience. These are not skills to take for granted, they need to be worked on. It’s important to take time every now and again to stretch your skills with some creative practice. Here are 5 ideas to get you started:

1. Compare and contrast how something used to be to how it is now. This may be a great way to generate content if what you write about is a product or way of working within your company. How about looking at how technology has changed for you or even just the office fashion!

2. Raid your memories of a place and then describe it in detail. What you want to be concentrating on here is your emotional connection to the place. Don’t forget to use all senses, how did that kitchen smell? What did the floor feel like underfoot? Describe the sound of office chatter. 

3. Have a go at writing some lists. Think of  a subject large or small and write down everything you can think of connected to it. Again this may actually generate a whole list of ideas you can use, or at least create a social media post for you. 

4. Take a skill you are really good at and put together a how to guide. This can be as obscure or as silly as you like!

5. If you consistently write in the same category why not experiment with a different genre? Try a book review, a travel piece or put together a script for video or podcasting. You may even discover a new way to showcase your work!

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