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Social Media and NovaLoca 2022

I am passionate about keeping NovaLoca up-to-date with social media marketing trends so information about you, your company and your commercial property listings are reaching as many occupiers as possible with eye catching Twitter animations, sharing of subscriber news, reposting interesting commercial property articles on Linkedin through to appealing Instagram reels.

And so…I am excited to announce that NovaLoca is now on TikTok. Not only is TikTok the fastest growing social platform, it is a place people go to discover new content. Users want to be able to see what they want in the places they want to be in. As TikTok’s feed is designed around recommendations so that users are seeing videos that will be of interest to them we feel we will be connecting to more occupier customers.

By continuing to provide extensive and consistent social media coverage we are confident we are providing the best possible customer service for you.

Head over to TikTok and say hi.

Amanda Curl NovaLoca Social Media and Marketing Executive