Imperial War Museum, Manchester

The different commercial property types in the UK Part 4: Class D and Sui Generis

The final part of our guide to the commercial property categories covers both Class D and Sui Generis. You can visit our guide for Class A here, Class B here and Class C here 

*From 1st September 2020 a new use Class E ‘Commercial, Business and Service’ and Class F.1 ‘Learning & Non-Residential’ and F.2 ‘Local Community’ will come into use. I have noted those classes that will be changing against their existing types.


D1 – Non-residential Institutions

This property class includes: places of worship, church halls, clinics, health centres, crèches, day nurseries, consulting rooms, museums, public halls, libraries, art galleries, exhibition halls, non-residential education and training centres.

*Medical health facilities and creche/nurseries will become part of the new Class E. *Non-residential institutions (education, art gallery, museum, public library, public exhibition hall, places of worship, law courts) will become F.1 ‘Learning & Non-Residential’. Any changes of use within this class will not require planning permission.

 Imperial War Museum, Manchester

Imperial War Museum, Manchester

The Manchester museum, which opened in 2002, is one of the five branches of the Imperial War Museum and the first one in the north of the country. It is situated in Trafford Park overlooking the Manchester Ship Canal, an area that suffered during the Manchester Blitz because it was a significant industrial area. 

Did you know the building is made up of interlocking shards representing a globe that has been shattered by conflict?


D2 – Assembly and Leisure

D2 class includes: cinemas, music and concert halls, live music venues, dance, sports halls, swimming baths, skating rinks, gymnasiums, other indoor and outdoor sports and leisure uses, bingo halls, casinos.

*Cinemas, concert halls, live music venues, bingo halls, dance halls, will become sui generis use from September 2020. 

Electric Cinema, Notting Hill, London

The Electric Cinema is one of the oldest working cinemas in Britain. The cinema has been through periods of closure through to the 1990’s but after a restoration in 2001 and despite a fire in 2012 it continues to show films to today. 

Did you know the first film to be shown was Henry VIII, screened on 23 February 1911.



Where uses do not fall within the main classes, they are classified as sui-generis. It currently includes: theatres, launderettes, car showrooms and filling stations. A planning application is always needed to change to or from any of these uses.

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 

This hall is one of the largest in the UK and is used for concerts in all genres of music. It is also the headquarters of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. 

Did you know that the auditorium area cuts out noise and vibrations from the underground with a massive rubber membrane built into the floor


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