How to get the most from your NovaLoca Listings

It’s important to us that you get the best response for your property listings so we’ve put together a list of tips for optimising your listings with such things as unique text, images etc, addressing some points that occupiers have raised with us so we can help them find what they require on NovaLoca:

  • To ensure your properties appear in searches for the correct area enter the full address, including postcode. 
  • Add a pdf brochure to your listings. We have found companies who upload their brochures get better responses.
  • The “Building Name” address field on NovaLoca is a searchable address field. We have found by entering unique descriptive text about the property in this field you can increase views and enquiries. It is important to think about what words occupiers use to search for a property and highlight important features such as:  “Development Opportunity”, “Investment Opportunity” or “High Street Shop With A1/A2 Uses”. 
  • Try using as much unique text in your listings as possible, especially when you list your available properties on multiple sites. Unique text is an SEO point and plays an important role in search engine rankings. For more information on SEO and how Google is currently ranking web pages visit our blog here.
  • The more images you can add for a property the better. We have also found that multiple images when advertising your property on our Twitter/X channel seem to perform well.
  • You don’t need to create separate listings where a property is for sale and/or to let NovaLoca have the capability for more than one sale type to be added to each listing.
  • Where possible add lease or sale prices. Occupiers frequently contact us frustrated when a price has not been added and it cuts down on unnecessary communication for them.
  • Use sub-types in your listing so that you will appear in more than one search result.


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