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The Importance Of Keeping Your Property Listings Up-to-Date

NovaLoca’s aim is to ensure you receive the maximum amount of enquiries for each and every one of your property listings with the minimum amount of work for you. That’s why we send out monthly ‘Update your Properties’ emails.

This email is sent out every third Tuesday of the month to your ‘designated updater’ and contains a confirm button. This button will take you to a list of all your properties. Here you can change the status of any listings that need updating (available, under offer, let, sold or withdrawn) or if they are all correct the current status can be left. Once you are happy with the status of all the properties just one click will confirm the property status for all of your properties.

Once clicked, the last updated date on all of your property listings automatically changes, so occupiers can have complete confidence they are seeing the most current information. This can increase your chances of receiving enquiries as well as stopping unnecessary enquiries for properties no longer available.

If your company already uses an automated feed to send property data to us you won’t get reminders to update your listings but it’s still important to keep them up to date. Remember if you make changes on your own site these will also update the date within your NovaLoca listing encouraging people to enquire. 

You will not incur any costs by updating the status of your properties.

From time-to-time Nicky, our Administration Manager, may contact you directly to make sure everything is up-to-date. Equally please don’t hesitate to email her at if you need help.