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Listing Commercial Property on NovaLoca with Data Feeds

NovaLoca currently work with the following developers:

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Our data feeds are designed to make it easy to update your property information but that’s not all.


As well as receiving your available property data via the automated feed from Kato, NovaLoca can send copies of the email enquiries we generate for you, straight through to your Account with Kato.

Precise Listings 

As a matter of routine we check that the statuses of our client’s listings correctly mirror what is on their websites and that we receive all new and updated properties. Data is thoroughly checked to ensure it is precise. This includes property size, text and price information, and that all images have come through. 

Our developers tell us how clear our communication is and that we “offer advice with more technical queries” (Jane Osborne, Head of Customer Success at Kato).

Something we are proud of, and our agents have commented on, is our swift communication with our clients if we identify such details as an incorrect email address, phone number or if an agent has left a company. Jane supports this:

“We always get a very speedy response from NovaLoca which makes it a much smoother process when a mutual client is having an issue” 

Comprehensive Listings 

Working with developers, we encourage as much data to be entered as possible to the feed. This will ensure a more comprehensive and detailed listing helping the occupier make decisions and it also improves SEO.  

The address fields are really important and are also used by our search engine as keyword search fields.  Our ‘building name’ field is often used by clients as a brief description field as it appears first in the summary details of the listing. As much information as possible should go into all other address fields, lesser-known area descriptions can be useful here in case someone carries out a keyword search for a specific road or estate etc. Our feeds also accept an exact Lat/Long, this will pinpoint the listing onto the map and give a better location on our street view.

As standard we offer five text description fields (general, location, accommodation, terms & specification), although in some cases clients code in their own headers to give further bespoke sections.  Read our blog about getting the most SEO benefit from the information you add here  

Properties can be added as both for sale and to let within the same listing, in addition, multiple price/tenure options can be fed through to appear as a table within the full listing. Tenure type is imperative, without it properties won’t appear at all or at least not in searches for both tenure types if you have included just one.  An exact size or size range can be included, a size is highly recommended as without it listings risk being overlooked by users.  

Other options in making your listing more comprehensive include:

  • Property sub-types.  All properties need to be allocated one of our main classifications, office, industrial, retail, leisure, land or other. In addition, they can each have a sub type (helping more accurate classification). There are between 7 & 26 sub types available for each main property type.
  • Adding a Price to your listing. If there is no price then we encourage using ‘Rent/Price on Application’. 
  • Attachments, usually brochures/PDFs of the property, in addition, floorplans and EPCs etc can be added.
  • Multiple images (we recommend you add descriptive text to the titles of your images to improve SEO). 
  • Links can also be added to property specific sites, virtual tours and videos etc.


Flexible Websites & Data 

We do have alternative technology solutions designed to make life easy for you. NovaLoca can hold the original source of your data as well as providing you with a website; we can also provide each of these independently.

  • Cushman and Wakefield use a NovaLoca ZipBox site to power their property search, but they feed data from their own internal system.
  • Reddin Clancy uses NovaLoca to both hold their data & provide a website.
  • Invest in Angus use NovaLoca to power and provide data for their website search of all available property in Angus.


For more information on data feeds or Zipbox websites you can call us on 01767 313380 or email

For more information on Zipbox websites you can also visit 

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