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What are Topic Clusters?

Topic clusters are a form of content marketing where you create a main piece of content for your website and then create many subtopics that link back to the main overarching topic. Why is this form of content marketing considered particularly effective? Because it allows you to have content for your customers at every stage of their journey with you. This journey begins with their initial queries about a product and ends up with the after service care you provide. You can have content for all of these points. It is more of a long term content strategy but it will gain you a long term audience. 

The main topic, also known as the pillar content, should be a broad topic that directly relates to what your website/business provides. It is what you want to be known for and what you consider the subject your customers are most interested in. When deciding on what to include in this piece research what it is that people are going to be asking google. Note the keywords you discover to add to your article. 

Your subtopics, or ‘cluster pages’ can then be more detailed pieces. For example if you are a commercial property agent your pillar page could be a blog piece on your local area. Your sub articles could then go on to be separate pieces about different property types you deal with: maybe there are many independent retail stores in the district or the area is famous for a particular industry. Each of these pieces will hyperlink back to the main one. These internal links tell google you have a lot of content on a subject. And because they are focused pieces chances are google will consider them to be quality pieces that a searcher will benefit from reading. It’s your chance to show yourselves as experts and gain greater authority with your audience. 

If just one of these articles does well because everything is linked all other content gets a boost up.

It’s not all about new content either. Why not take a look at your existing blog posts to see if they can also link through to the pillar content? 

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