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Social Media Trends 2021

We all spent a lot more time on social media in 2020. Whether that was connecting and sharing on social networks, reading blogs, indulging in a bit of social gaming or interacting with our business audience. It continues to be a place that it is important to have a presence.

What social media trends should we be aware of as we begin 2021? 

Video continues to top the ranking charts on most social media platforms with audiences preferring bite sized lengths. We explored some micro video formats that can be created on a mobile phone in our blog here.

These short form videos are the perfect opportunity to participate in another trend, started by Tik Tok: remixes of brand content or user generated content. This is where a user takes existing content such as a video, song, or image and uses it to create something new. It’s an ideal chance for customers to produce such things as a product review allowing other potential customers to see authentic and honest recommendations. Authenticity also happens to be a key trend. Instagram is the primary choice for such content.

Live streaming is going to continue to rise in popularity because it allows interaction with customers while they can’t physically visit you. They are great for product demos, Q&A sessions, short tutorials, or live events.

Visual searching is an internet search using a picture, rather than keywords. It is not the same as an image search.  The visual search technology identifies objects within a picture and then searches for images related to those objects. A user can take a photograph of an office space they are interested in and be presented with other office space options. Google Lens and Pinterest Lens already use this technology.  

It is anticipated that social media users will embrace gaming and VR, and it is even speculated that VR shopping could become part of our lives where we could “pop on a headset, go for a stroll down Oxford Street, pop into Boots to try on some lipsticks”  John McCarthy. The 

Customers are becoming increasingly more socially conscious and keen to shop with brands that support causes they care about with most feeling that companies should consider the environment and sustainability. Again it is important to be authentic in your values if you wish to gain your audience’s trust. 

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