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Property Trends 2021

It’s time for us to take our annual look through some internet predictions for the year ahead in commercial property so you don’t have to! Read on for some forecasts in property development, architecture, design and technology.   

Commercial Property Development Trends

CBRE have released their Real Estate market report and some of their predictions include: An expectation that the life sciences sector and data centres will perform well,  that the strong demand in logistics will continue and the struggling retail sector could see moves towards mixed use.

A major theme being identified by several experts is flexibility in work location and flexible workspaces where there is space to be able to work alone or in groups.

Construction/Architecture Trends 

Many predictions from 2020 continue to be prominent for the current year.

Sustainable development and sustainable architecture continues to be an important consideration. There will remain development in buildings that have a low impact on the environment and an increase in the use of biological material including wood. 

As we reported in our 2020 Property Trends article 3D printing, modular construction/ prefab buildings and Building Information Modeling (BIM) are all continuing to rise in use.

Design trends

The colour yellow (an optimistic shade) has been chosen by Pantone once again as its colour of the year but this time it is named alongside a pale grey, symbolising strength. 

Workspaces could see indoor and outdoor space being combined. Outdoor elements have previously been seen as a luxury but are now becoming more of a key consideration. To have access to natural light and outdoor terraces or wellness spaces is important to provide for employees mental and physical health in an era where we have become more aware of both.

Addressing health needs is also reflected in the rise of ‘Resimercial’ design which is the creation of commercial property space that has a feeling of home. The thought is this  may be a factor that encourages people to return to the office in the future. 

Natural, repurposed  and salvaged materials will continue to be seen in interior design.

Technology Trends

As we’ve explored in a previous blog technology is responding to the current pandemic.  

There continues to be a rise in virtual tours and cloud-based collaboration.  

Technology is expected to be integrated into workspaces as the development of Smart Buildings continues which is driven by the need for more sustainable space as well as adapting to employees redefining what they expect from their place of work.

Commercial drone use in construction is on the rise where they are primarily used for surveying and mapping sites.

It certainly continues to be a period of innovation.


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