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Property Trends for 2020

It’s that time of year when the internet begins to list predictions for what will be trending in the year to come. Whether its property developments, architecture, design or technology we’ve done the web search so you don’t have to. Here’s a brief overview:

Commercial Property Trends

  • Community oriented developments. Allowing decisions and control during a project to be made by community groups.
  • Sustainability of developments will continue to be a key consideration
  • Social interaction which drives the leisure market in particular. Esports which are competitive video games that are multiplayer and viewed by spectators. Some events currently attract a global audience of over 450 million. This type of leisure experience is considered an important factor for the future of retail sites who are adapting to changing consumer behaviour wanting experiences rather than products.
  • Flexible working and co-working are both predicted to continue to be a trend. If this is something you are considering for your office space take a look at our article: Setting up a Flexible Office Space.


Construction/Architecture Trends

  • Prefab and modular construction. Building components are built in a factory and then transported where needed saving time, money and energy. These constructions can be designed to a client’s specifications and is seen as particularly good for commercial property such as offices and hotels that are repetitive in structure.
  • 3D Scanning is the process of scanning a space to convert into 3D images that allow for a virtual tour of commercial property, saving time and money for people viewing properties.
  • Green construction applies to structures and buildings that are environmentally responsible. They will possibly contain such things as plant walls, immersive experiences with nature, water features and light filled spaces.
  • BIM – ‘building information modelling’ is a way to represent buildings, roads, and utilities through computer-generated images to help contractors visualize a construction project process before it is built.


Design Trends

  • The colour yellow is expected to be big for backgrounds and accents because it is an optimistic colour for a new decade.
  • With the growing interest in green constructions and sustainability earth textures such as stone and wood will trend.
  • Data visualization continues to be a hot topic.
  • VR panoramas and VR being used in more web design.
  • MR –mixed reality which extends AR allowing interactions with digital objects
  • Cinemographs – still photos with a small repeated movement (Gif format).


Technology Trends

  • 5G data networks allowing for faster, more stable data movement.
  • Computer vision. Research continues on systems that can identify people, things and places from images and will allow for indexing and searching of image data. Some possible uses are seen in manufacturing to detect faulty goods or within security to control access although this does raise issues of privacy.
  • Cloud collaboration. The sharing and co-authoring of computer files that are kept in a central storage location ‘cloud’ to be accessed by collaborators,  also seen as a solution to data storage.

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