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Website Design Trends You Can Use Now

Although we are reaching the end of the year it’s not too late to ensure your website is looking its best by taking a look at what the 2020 web design trends have been and some that are predicted for 2021. 

Don’t forget that any design must put site usability first and foremost. No matter how stunning your website looks if users can not navigate easily they won’t hang around to look at it. 

Dark mode is very popular on many devices and is now found on Apple and Windows operating systems. It’s designed for low light browsing that is kinder on our eyes. This dark design can be added to web pages to give them this modern look by introducing dark backgrounds to images or text boxes. Just make sure your text is in a readable colour. Dark colours probably work best with a minimal design, which also happens to be trending.

A minimal design means having plenty of white space on your pages. That is the area of space between your web page elements. In other words keep things simple. If your page contains: balance, alignment and contrast with its contents easy to navigate the chances are you have created a space that visitors will find extremely usable and will return to. 

Bold typography. Your text plays an important part of the overall tone of your site. Sometimes words are all you need. So you could choose to make text a focal point rather than an image.  

Hand-drawn elements. Adding some custom illustrations will give your website uniqueness and personality as long as it aligns with your brand. There doesn’t have to be many. You still want the page to be easy to understand. You could make the text in some headers or boxes look like handwriting or just have a few fun organic style buttons. Mixing photography/real life elements with these types of graphics is also very popular. Mixed media graphic design is a great way to get more abstract ideas across. 

Flat 2D designs continue to be popular as seen with hand drawn elements above  but with the rise of VR and AR 3D elements are appearing on websites. Keep in mind that you will need a high performing site so the graphics will run especially if the intention is to make them interactive. Fast loading is becoming increasingly important for a great user experience. 

Gradients are the gradual changing of one colour to another. They are eye-catching and add depth. They are being used in backgrounds, image overlays, logos and icons. 

Microcopy. We’ve taken a look at how to do good micro copy in a previous post on this blog and their importance in guiding a visitor around your website. Again these tiny pieces of text found in search bars and buttons are a chance to inject personality into your website. 

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