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How to do good Micro Copy

What is Micro Copy? – Micro copy is part of UX (user experience) design. UX design is the process of creating a website or application that provides a relevant experience for users that quickly and easily lead them to the main goal of, for example, buying or selling commercial property. Micro copy forms the small pieces of text on such things as call to action buttons, search bars prompting you what to look for, error messages stating what’s gone wrong etc.  In other words they are tiny pieces of text offering instruction or guidance.

Why is Micro Copy important? – Micro copy engages a user and is a chance to give them confidence that they have control over the steps they are taking on their route through a website.  For instance, by having a piece of copy that explains why you need to ask for information from your user, such as a telephone number, reassures  and so builds trust, loyalty and ultimately conversions.

Micro copy also offers a chance to speak in your brands individual voice and have emotional engagement with your audience.  A lot of successful micro copy contains humour such as fun messages while a page loads or an error message that amuses and therefore seems much friendlier.

How should Micro Copy be used? – Micro Copy should be simple, to the point and anticipate what a user wants by including words that explain exactly what is going to happen next.  Identify areas of an app or website where guidance is most needed:  A prompt for a search bar could suggest that you: “Try Office space to rent in Biggleswade”.

Search Engine Journal suggest that the trend towards using “natural language”  will continue in 2020 so keep the tone casual and use conversational language. Write in the second person when addressing the user as this is how you would speak to someone in a conversation: “This will be your username.”  The first person tense can be used when a user is making an action: “I agree to follow the terms of service. “

Used in the right way tiny Micro copy makes big differences.

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