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Audio Identity: A Branding Idea for your Business

Following on from our recent blog post about starting a business podcast we once again explore the world of sound by taking a look at audio identity.

Audio identity is the creation of a specific sound for your brand. It’s not necessarily a full piece of music. The  3 second ‘Intel bong’ is over 20 years old and is considered one of the most addictive sounds in the world. Why does it stick in our minds so well? Because when we process music we use the same parts of the brain as emotion and memory. We may be a visual society but audio is a powerful way to be recognised and remembered by your customers. 

It’s not limited to use by larger companies in expensive adverts either. You can use it in your small business: have the audio playing during call waiting or in the background of presentations, play a tune at the beginning of your videos or when your logo appears online.

What you are looking to convey in your audio is the value your brand has. What is your voice? Is it playful? Do you want to convey trust and security or edgy design?  What music would fit with that best?

If you have any musical ambitions it is even possible to have a go at creating your own sound logo. If you work on a MAC or use an Iphone you have access to the free Garageband software which includes apple loops, a huge resource of a few seconds of sounds of many different instruments. For both Android and Iphone users there is also BandLab, which is also free to sign up to. 

And don’t forget to send us a link to any of your creations!