4 Benefits of Rural Office Locations

Many businesses choose to locate their businesses in busy cities, such as London, Cambridge and Edinburgh. But there are benefits of locating your business in more rural and less hectic locations.

  • Low costs – Compared to choosing an office in a city, rural locations usually come with a smaller price tag. Not only your business but your employees will benefit from lower costs because the cost of living in rural locations is often less.
  • Quiet commute – Many employees working in cities are stressed before they even turn up at work because their commute has been hectic. If your business is located in rural surroundings, the roads are often quieter, meaning that your employees are happier!
  • Green surroundings – Rural locations are often surrounded by greenery and nature, meaning it is even more inviting to go outside for some fresh air on your lunch break. As we discussed in our previous blog post about reducing stress at work, getting outside and exercising is a great way to relieve work stress.
  • Less noise – The constant noise from traffic, sirens and general city life can often get a bit much. However, rural locations often don’t have the same level of noise, making a more peaceful place to work.

How well a rural location suits you will depend on your business. If you have a lot of employees, it is often easier to be located in a busier city because transport links are often better. Also, if you hold a lot of meetings with different companies, it is often easier to be located in a busier city. However, if you are a smaller business and your communication is often over the phone or email, a rural location is definitely something to consider.


  1. Many thanks for your comment! We definitely agree, rural working isn’t for every business but can really suit some!

  2. It is a pro vs con situation. for commuters public transport is often better in cities and depending on the type of business you could be losing street traffic that helps you in a city environment. word of mouth can help a lot and that’s hard to do if you are out of the way.