hands holding mobile phone rsting on backpack

Property Searches on the Go

Back in September 2014 NovaLoca conducted research into the amount of commercial property searches made on mobile phones and tablets. The results, which were sourced from google analytics, revealed the growing use of mobiles with a result of 39% of searches overall being made on mobile devices. 23% were made on phones, and 16% on tablets.  The top recorded device in this period was the Acer A1-810 android tablet and the top phone was the Acer V370 Liquid E2 Duo.

The best-selling smart phone of 2014 was actually the Apple IPhone 6. Other tech advances in this year were the arrival of Oculus Rift VR and 4K TV’s.  And the average cost of a loaf of bread was £1.14.

Five years later on and what does the picture look like?

Another look at google analytics, this time for October 2019, reveals unsurprisingly that now over half of our users are searching from mobile devices (59%), followed by desktop at 34% and just 8% on a tablet.  It seems our users have now taken up Apple devices with the Apple iPhone the most popular device with 56% of people using this, followed by Apple iPad with 7% usage. It would seem tablets have fallen out of favour with consumers because our phones are now large enough to serve our needs.

There is a large gap between the iPhone and the next smart phone listed: Samsung Galaxy SM-G950F Galaxy S9 with just 3% of users which is somewhat surprising as Samsung is listed as having the top selling phone of 2019 with its Galaxy A50.

It does appear that the smart phone is now for all ages.  According to Statista.com (with figures only shown up to 2018) the largest users of mobiles is the 25-34 age range but the biggest increase of usage is by 55-64 year olds now accounting for 71% of users compared to 49% in 2014. The biggest group of NovaLoca website users in 2019 is aged between 35 and 44.

A robot being able to manipulate objects is seen as a tech trend for 2019 but at least if the machines start to take over the bread is cheaper with an average price of £1.08.