40% of property searches now from mobile devices

Research has revealed that 40% of all commercial property searches on NovaLoca now come from mobile phones and tablets, a 33% year-on-year increase.

Since September 2013, mobile devices have gradually grown from being responsible for 30% of all traffic, to 40% by September 2014. Astonishingly, overall smartphone traffic has increased by 153% since last year, with tablet visitors up 143%. These figures are nearly double the increase in desktop traffic, which is up 80% since September last year.

This data could potentially be representative of several trends that have been emerging in the commercial property market in 2014. Firstly, it seems that confidence is returning to the market, proven by the overall increase in traffic across all platforms.

It also seems that people are increasingly searching for commercial property away from their computers, using the NovaLoca mobile responsive website. This is further supported by the percentage of mobile and tablet visitors searching for commercial property at weekends.Weekend Searches For Commercial Property 2

On weekends, from December 2013 onwards, mobile devices have provided more than 50% of traffic, with the figures from August and September 2014 showing mobile devices as responsible for 57% of all weekend traffic. Compare this to weekdays where computer visitors have consistently provided around 55% of sessions since September 2013.

Not only are mobile devices providing more visitors to NovaLoca at weekends, but they are also far more consistent than computer viewers across the entire week. On average, since September 2013, computer traffic was between 256% and 465% higher on weekdays than on weekends, while traffic from mobile devices ranged between -12% and 30%.

Unsurprisingly this suggests that people are more likely to search for commercial property on portable devices on weekends, perhaps due to the easy access that mobiles and tablets provide.

Ultimately this highlights the needs for businesses to provide services to their customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Thanks to the NovaLoca mobile responsive website, users are able to search for commercial property on all devices.