warehouse interior

Factors to consider for Warehouse Design

During a time of 285% increase in warehouse take-up, (according to data from Savills) fuelled in part by a surge in Brexit-related enquiries for possible stock piling, we take a look at some considerations that go in to warehouse design to ensure maximum productivity.

The main purpose of a warehouse is to receive, store goods and then distribute them so firstly consider what goods will be stored. Do they need specialist handling? Are they hazardous? The size and weight of the goods will determine your storage options and equipment requirements. For example do they need specialist racks or pallets?

Is the product a high rotation one?  If so they need to be closest to the shipping area.  Products that are often ordered at the same time should be kept close together.

How will you circulate these goods, by forklift, conveyor system or other transport? You will want to minimise the time and frequency required to move them. How many personnel do you need to pick and pack the goods and what size does the order preparation space need to be for these staff to work safely and without congestion?  Will parts of this process be automated?

Make sure to factor in space for areas such as offices and washrooms and ensure they are placed so they don’t disrupt the flow of goods.

Finally plan for the future because new demands mean different demands on the warehouse layout and you don’t want to make the space so inflexible it cannot be changed.

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