How to optimise your warehouse space

When a warehouse’s floor space is between 80% and 85% utilised, efficiency often drops as movement becomes restricted. If you get to this point, you may be thinking about moving to a larger warehouse. But this can be costly. So, we’ve put together a few tips for you to utilise the space you have better.

Extend vertically

You may have run out of floor space but usually warehouses have high ceilings, so you may have more space than you think. Make the most of the height in your warehouse by using taller shelves.

Mezzanine floor

Installing a mezzanine can nearly double your floor space, without a building expansion. Your mezzanine floor can be used for alternative uses, such as sorting and assembly, to maximise the ground floor for storage space.

Reduce aisle width

Move shelves closer to maximise the space you have, but make sure that your lift equipment can still work in the smaller space.

Assess stock

Take regular inventory of your stock to assess whether you have excess amounts of a product that isn’t selling well. Removing dead stock from your warehouse will open up space for products that are selling well.

Assess storage

You should also assess your storage systems to ensure that you don’t have small items taking up larger spaces.

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