Relocating your commercial property

Channel 5 documentary looking for commercial property occupiers

In the age of the entrepreneur, many people are looking to start up a new business of their own. There’s a lot to consider when starting up a new business, but one of the essential points is location.

NovaLoca have focussed on many of the top cities and towns to look into when choosing where to start-up or relocate a business.  You can check out our most recent features at the end of this article.

Channel 5 is currently developing a new series about people who plan to relocate and run their own business. The documentary series will follow people who are relocating to start a new life and a new business.  Essentially, the documentary will focus on people looking to change their lives as they invest in commercial property in a new location.

Whether it’s moving to the countryside to run a farm, setting up a surf school by the sea or opening a bakery in a bustling new town, Channel 5 want to hear your story. PI Productions is casting for the brand new documentary series this spring. If this sounds like you, please call the casting team on 0203 761 4522 or email

Top places to relocate to in the UK:




Milton Keynes









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