Using Images to increase traffic to Listings on NovaLoca

Here’s a guide for ensuring the images you upload on your NovaLoca listings are optimised to help you get more occupiers finding your listings and increase your chances of leads.

First, try and use high quality images in your listing. (We accept file sizes up to 15MB). Everybody prefers a high quality, aesthetically pleasing image to a blurry or grainy shot of a building. Using high quality images means that occupiers will be more likely to click through to it if using a search on NovaLoca. They will be able to see more of the property and imagine how their business can fit into the space. The more images you use, the better too.

You upload your images under the Image tab in step 2 of the upload wizard if you are adding a new property or you can edit images (as well as add/remove) once the listing is live via the Image tab found when you “edit property details” from within your account.

page showing add image information

The file image types that we accept are: jpeg, jpg, gif and png.

Underneath the image type box, we have a “caption” box. It is here that you should add the text that describes what the image is showing. This “alt text” is used by screen-readers as a visual description of the image, Search engines will favour images with alt tags as it views accessibility as important.

Each image should have a different description. E.g

  • “The front of our available unit on Main Street”
  • “The rear carpark to our offices”
  • “Entrance way to the building”
  • “Our 200sq ft main office”


You see the text when you hover over the image once it is listed. And it is this that will be picked up by google. It helps explain the image and give it context. It is also a further chance to add keywords if they are appropriate.


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