Make the most of your profile in the NovaLoca Commercial Property Agent Directory

You can use NovaLoca to advertise your expertise and areas of specialist knowledge, free of charge, by completing the agent profile, (including a photograph if you wish) on your company’s section of the website, just like the example below.

example of an agent profile

(The ‘View Properties’ section links through to your own properties and separately to the properties in the rest of your company). We write your company description so please let us know if that needs updating.

You can add/update the details on your agent’s profile from within your agent account under the “Edit my details” section, and you will need to “save details” after making any changes.

As you can see you can enter:

  • A personal biography (You can enter strengths, experience, sector knowledge and something more personal you wish).


A heading for a commercial property directory

  • Descriptions of your services.

example of description of services

  • The areas you cover.

example of box to fill in re areas worked

You can also add a photograph.

Visitors to our site can view your agent profile page from our agent directory & company directory as well as in our local agents list that appears in property searches.

commercial property agent directory header

commercial real estate companies directory header

roperty agent directory header

The information you supply can help to generate direct leads for you as it will help occupiers find you easily and give them some knowledge of your areas of expertise, encouraging them to contact you.

Your profile will also be searched by Google and other search engines, also directing occupiers to contact you. By incorporating numerous “keywords,” you enhance the value of your biography to your business, making your profile more likely to appear in relevant search results. These keywords should include phrases that describe your business, the region in which you operate, and your areas of expertise.

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