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Get Listings into Multiple Searches By Using Property Sub-Types

montage of images from NovaLoca website

In response to client requests, NovaLoca has added a few new search options.  As well as the main Industrial, Office, Retail, Leisure, Land & Other categories we have added Investment, Business for Sale, Motor Trade, Healthcare & Mixed Use.  Use of property subtypes when classifying a property are essential in taking advantage of these new classifications.  In addition, sub types allow you to indicate where properties should be within more than one search due to different uses or multiple uses allowed of a property (such as with Class E).

drop down menu example of property types

When adding a property you have to choose a main property type then you have the option to add a sub type. The tables below show which search your property will appear in depending on its property subtype.

lists of commercial property types

list of commercial property types

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