three people looking at a laptop screen

Unleashing the Power of Fun Features in the Workplace.

three people looking at a laptop screen

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Fun features in an office can contribute to employee morale, engagement, and overall job satisfaction. These elements create a positive work environment, foster creativity, and help build a sense of community among colleagues. 

These days the hybrid working model, which combines both remote work and in-office work, brings unique challenges and opportunities for companies to maintain a cohesive and engaged workforce so fun features, whether physical or virtual, remain important.

Firstly though, let’s consider what we mean by fun in a workplace context. The idea of whether work should be fun at all  is subjective and needs to be looked at via individual perspectives, cultural considerations, and the nature of the job itself. It is not about replacing work with leisure or frivolous activities. In this instance fun refers to the incorporation of enjoyable and engaging elements that enhance the work environment and contribute positively to the overall employee experience. Research has shown that when employees find their work enjoyable and fulfilling they tend to be more satisfied and engaged. 

Let’s explore some fun features that can be considered for an office:

Game Rooms. Having a dedicated space for games like table tennis or board games can encourage friendly competition and serve as a stress-relief outlet during breaks. 

Lounge Areas: Comfortable and inviting lounge spaces can be a great place for employees to unwind, socialise, and take short breaks. Hybrid work arrangements may come with increased flexibility, but they can also blur the boundaries between work and personal life. Break spaces can help employees recharge, and alleviate stress, contributing to a healthier work-life balance.

Nap Pods or Relaxation Spaces: Allowing employees to take power naps or spend a few minutes in relaxation areas can rejuvenate them, see fewer mistakes made, reduce stress and encourage productivity. 

Creative Zones: If you want to attract top creative talent you want to be offering them an environment that will foster their creativity. Designated areas, where employees feel comfortable are more likely to see an increase in innovative ideas and solutions.

Themed Meeting Rooms: Adding a touch of creativity to meeting rooms by giving them unique themes can make meetings more enjoyable and stimulating.

Office Pets: If feasible and appropriate, allowing employees to bring well-behaved pets to the office can boost employee morale and reduce stress.

Social Events and Celebrations: Organising office parties, holiday celebrations, and team-building events can strengthen camaraderie and create a fun and inclusive atmosphere. In a hybrid model, employees may not interact with their colleagues as frequently as they did in a traditional office setting so social events become even more important.

Office Fitness Challenges: Running fitness challenges or providing access to exercise classes can promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage teamwork.

In-Office Contests and Rewards: Holding contests or competitions within the office, or virtually, and offering small rewards or recognition can add an element of excitement and motivation.

Mini Libraries: Setting up small libraries or book exchange corners can encourage a culture of reading and continuous learning.

Volunteering and Community Engagement: Organising volunteering activities and community outreach programs can foster a sense of purpose and fulfilment among employees. 

At the end of the day, fun features should complement the work environment and company culture, not distract from the core business objectives. It’s essential to strike a balance between fun and productivity. Don’t forget to get employee input and feedback to help identify the types of fun features that would be most appreciated and valued by the team. 

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