clothes shop interior

Retail as an Experience 2023

clothes shop interior

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As the lyrics go, we know it’s not the same as it was. The retail sector has had to rapidly adapt recently and will have to continue to do so in order to survive the current economic climate.

Shopping as an Experience.

In order to tempt customers back into their brick and mortar shops, which is starting to happen, retailers are looking to deliver retail experiences that offer memorable shopping trips.

These experiences can take many forms, which need to be tailored to their specific audience but can take the form of:

  • Art Installations
  • Concerts
  • Workshops
  • Augmented Reality information about a product which can, for example, show how makeup will look on a customer or allow them to try different colour combinations with clothing
  • In store digital displays


Brands are also having to consider that customers now expect consideration to be given for such causes as sustainability, and that they will decide on which retailers they want to spend their money with according to what they stand for. Some shops are beginning to address this by adding such things as pre-owned products to their stores.

There is also the continuing move to making retail space a more mixed use space that includes storage so customers are able to pick up online orders, or items from another branch.

Online shopping does not appear to be going away and now forms another element of the shopping experience. Customers expect to be able to smoothly navigate between online and in person shopping. They are increasingly expecting to engage with a brand on social media channels and even use social media to buy goods.

It does seem that a hybrid retail approach appears to be what will become the most commonplace model.

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