ChatGPT on a computer screen

ChatGPT and its potential for NovaLoca

At NovaLoca we’ve been looking into ChatGPT and its potential for incorporation into our ‘add property’ wizard to help agents write property descriptions.

Property Wizard with ChatGPT function

Once basic property details have been added about a property (i.e. address, size & property type) this can be taken to provide a basic instruction which ChatGPT can use to write a description.  You can carry on the conversation asking for changes, whole rewrites, a different tone etc until you are happy with the basic wording.  Once approved this can be edited by hand.  Currently, we are looking at this tool for creating general descriptions, descriptions of locations and also for rewrites of existing text, helping to generate unique text for SEO.  There are clearly limitations with a tendency we found to add or embelish facts, but there is a potential it would save some time.  Checking by the agent that actually knows the area and property remains essential !

Example writing a description

The beginning of the conversation would be auto generated based on the key information already entered about a building, so as soon as the agent clicks to open a ChatGPT window the first 2 paragraphs would be complete, the agent can the reply to ask for changes or for the response to be regenerated until they are happy enough to use the text

We took an example property in Bedford and the key features were converted into a ‘chat’ as follows:

ChatGPT property description

Example writing a location description

Again, the beginning of the conversation would come from location data already entered as part of the primary details of the property.  Re-writes and enhancements can be requested.

Chat GPt location description

Example re-writing existing text

 If you already have text but want to change it to make it unique or to include an additional feature etc this can also be done in seconds !

ChatGPT rewrite exisiting description

We thought we would ask ChatGPT why we should use them to write property descriptions they came up with the following:

ChatGPT property description

We would love to know your thoughts on this. Please drop a comment below.