office space with chair and lamp

Office Design Trends 2023

office space with chair and lamp


The start of a new year means a look ahead with trend predictions. In this blog we take a look at what could be in store for office design in 2023. 

Hybrid working continues its rise as the most popular work model which has meant many businesses do not need so much office space to rent. This provides an opportunity to use money for office features, which are important to staff who are making the journey into the office looking for features that they are unable to have at home.

It is expected that open plan offices will remain popular as they support a collaborative environment. However with video meetings remaining the norm, areas for phone and ‘Zoom Booths’ will also need to be incorporated. 

As we’ve seen in previous trend reports sustainability continues to be a key design concern. For new builds and refurbished units there will be an emphasis on locally sourced and recycled material.

Internally there is expected to be a trend for more design geared towards employee well-being with different areas for different types of work, casual seating areas, booths, and wide walkways. 

office desk with plant


Incorporating multisensory biophilic design will continue to grow in importance. That is, bringing nature into the office that appeals to all of an employee’s senses, again with the intention of improving health and comfort. This ranges from using natural colours and materials, providing more natural light, privacy screens, ensuring there is access to fresh air, scented plants and having an area for food. 

Technology can also assist with sustainability and more office buildings will have intelligent sensors to monitor air quality, temperature, space utilisation, and light levels to better understand how areas are used and allow adjustments. 

Are there any office design trends you think will grow in importance? Let us know in the comments below.

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