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Starting a TikTok Business Account

At NovaLoca we understand the importance of keeping up-to-date with social media marketing trends so your commercial property listings and the tips and advice we offer are reaching as wide an audience as possible. With that in mind we’ve decided Tiktok can no longer be ignored.

And why is this? Because we feel we will be able to reach more potential occupiers due to the highly personal content algorithm used by the platform, which in turn, generates high engagement. It is the social media channel more likely to be the place a user makes a new product discovery.

Another consideration has been the fact that TikTok is no longer just the domain of generation z, although they remain the largest group of users. 22.4% of users are aged 20-29 and 21.7% are aged 30-39

How to set up a Business TikTok account. 

Although TikTok is available on the desktop, the set up needs to be done in the app. If you already have a personal account go to your profile, click on username where there is a drop down arrow and add an account.

You will be asked for your birthday even for a business account and this needs to be over 13, ideally 18 to access the ability to use gift giving to TikTok creators.

Make your username the company name and add a profile picture, probably your logo in the edit profile section. You can add a brief bio here too.

Then in the manage account section switch over to a pro account to get analytic reports etc. If you also have YouTube and Instagram accounts there is an option to link to them so any videos you can create are shared there.

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