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5 of the Coolest Offices in the UK

Although many office workers are now taking a hybrid approach to work for the times we are in the office, being in a cool workspace certainly helps get through the working day. After all, the office is a second home for many and these days can be a recruitment incentive. 

What exactly do we mean by cool? According to the online Cambridge dictionary, cool is being fashionable in a way that people admire. Fashion of course, comes and goes in trends but are there core elements that go into office design to make it cool? 

Cool design is about more than being trendy and having a pool table. A workspace needs to be inspiring and allow staff to perform at their best. This can be as simple as providing the right technology to meet staff needs, having space that allows for quiet times as well as collaboration. It should be a place that inspires, considers staff well-being and growth, and reflects the company culture. 

Here are five offices that are considered cool, so we can judge them and blatantly steal ideas for our own spaces. 


Lounge are online underwear retailers based in Solihull, West Midlands. Their HQ is home to over 500 staff where there is an emphasis on staff well being with a gym, loungers, a cafe, cinema club, cosy nooks as well as pool and tennis tables. 


Unity is a software company, providing a real-time development platform, based in Brighton. Its office reflects the company’s tech innovations and creativity with a virtual reality lounge, games room as well as colourful murals by local artists. Staff are able to rearrange furniture for different purposes, use a calm coloured workstation if they want to concentrate or go for a drink in the office bar when it’s time to socialise.


Based in Wrexham, Wales Moneypenny is a provider of phone answering services. The staff here also have access to a gym, a treehouse meeting room, a cafe and a ‘village pub’. It was designed from a staff wish list with the purpose of retaining a happy workforce.  


AO, the UK’s largest online appliance retailer, has a head office in Bolton, Manchester and is home to over 700 staff. These staff are well looked after with an onsite restaurant and cafe as well as spa facilities that can be used during working hours. Collaboration is encouraged with themed rooms including a lego meeting room and areas where you can write on the walls.


Innocent’s headquarters, known as “Fruit Towers’ is in London. The juice company has designed their space to be flexible and to give a sense of community. There is a chill out area with astro turf, benches and bunting. All of which helps to showcase the brand’s quirky nature. Free breakfasts are available and of course unlimited smoothies. Fitness and well being is also catered for with an onsite gym 

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